The newly elected officers for the 2020- 2021 fraternal year are: Chief Squire, Benjamin Kaufman ; Deputy Chief Squire, Henry Kaufman ; Bursar, Jackson Wright; Notary,  Jakob Ross.

On the weekend of December 19, 2020, the Squires helped with two Christmas projects for the St. Charles Parish community. 
For the Christmas Baskets, the squires filled baskets with items for a Christmas feast that had been purchased by the Diakonia organization.  Close to 100 baskets were filled for families of the Dayton area parishes.
For the Nativity Lights, the squires provided hot chocolate and served snacks to the event’s actors, guides, and other volunteers.

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The Columbian Squires are the official youth organization of the Knights of Columbus.  Membership in the Squires is for practicing Catholic boys between the ages of 10 and 18.  A practicing Catholic is one who lives up to the Commandments of God and the precepts of the Church.  The benefits of being a squire are learning leadership skills, having fun in group activities, and helping our church and community through service.  Each circle elects officers from their own membership, teaching skills of leadership and responsibility.  While a Columbian Squires Circle is member governed and driven, it is encouraged, mentored, and advised by adult Knights of Columbus. 
The St. Charles Borromeo Columbian Squires Circle 5584 was charted by the Supreme Knights of Columbus on March 25, 2012 with 19 new Squires.  Our current membership is 26.  Members of our Squires circle are certified to conduct the induction ceremony of new Squires Circles at other locations anywhere in the State of Ohio. 

Some of the activities that our Squires participate in are: Family Rosary Rally, Council 14995 RibFest fundraiser, Special Olympics (bowling and Track & Field), St. Charles Christmas Food Baskets, Coffee Klatsch, and providing assistance for other Council 14995 and St. Charles Parish activities.


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